"I Need You": Exhausted Mom's Genuine Open Letter To Her Husband Received Overwhelming Response Online

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September 19, 2018 11:12 By Fabiosa

It's no secret that moms usually carry the most responsibility when it comes to child care, there are examples, but they are minimal. Pew Research discovered that in 2016 women spent generally 14 hours a day looking after their babies, while man did 8. These numbers are much better than the ones from 1965, when moms invested 10 hours every day into childcare, while dads only 2.5. 

Still doesn't seem fair that moms have to carry most of the load, while dads have more time to themselves? One woman couldn't take the pressures of motherhood anymore and wrote an open letter to her husband pleading for help.

Dear husband...

Celeste Yvonne blew up on mom blogs when she posted an open letter confessing how childcare exhausts her and asked her husband for much needed help.

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She felt very guilty for doing so, because isn't childcare what all moms should be amazing at? And her mother didn't ask for any help.

As written by Celeste on a Facebook post:

Part of me feels like a failure for even asking. I mean, you do help. You are an amazing father, and you do a great job with the kids. And besides, this should come easy to me, right? Motherly instincts, no?

But Celeste had to admit she would break if her husband didn't help her more:

But I'm human, and I'm running on five hours of sleep and tired as hell. I need you.

All she wanted, like any other mother, is some time for herself. Celeste felt like she wasn't just losing hours of sleep, she was losing her individuality and sanity.

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There's no shame in asking for help, and Celeste mustered up enough courage to admit it:

I know it's not how our parents did it, and I hate even asking. I wish I could do it all and make it look effortless. But I'm waving a white flag and admitting I'm only human. I'm telling you how much I need you, and if I keep going at the pace I've been on, I will break. And that would hurt you, the kids, and our family. Because, let's face it: you need me, too.

Responses from other moms

Celeste's letter got a lot of overwhelming comments and reactions. Many moms related very hard to the truth she was putting out there and shared their support.

The backstory to the letter itself

Celeste was shocked by the response she got and wanted to add that she wrote the letter a very long time ago. She didn't intend to share it. The process itself was cathartic for her.

Owing to that letter, she decided to talk to her husband, and he listened. Celeste wanted everyone to know that now they communicate more and she feels much better.

Celeste wants every mom to learn from her experience and speak up if motherhood gets too much.

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