1,616 Injections To Make A Life: Couple's Fertility Struggles Summed Up In One Breathtaking Photo Goes Viral

Date September 13, 2018

IVF is a real miracle for parents who experience problems conceiving. At this point, it's impossible to count how many babies were born owing to this process, and how many families had their dreams come true. But those who don't have experience with IVF, have no idea how much goes into that process. One family shared their struggles in one photo, and it's breathtaking.

1,616 shots to make a baby

Patricia and Kimberly O'Neill have been through hell and back trying to have a baby. Early on, the two women decided on IVF to get Patricia pregnant, but it turned out to be more difficult than they expected.

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After first 2 miscarriages, Patricia found out she had a blood condition, which prevented her from developing a healthy embryo, and thus her injection journey began.

The women lived through 3 heartbreaking miscarriages in total and didn't lose hope for 4 years, until Patricia finally got pregnant and gave birth to their baby girl.

Patricia and Kimberly decided to make a photo to remember what it took them to have the baby. And so one of the most incredible pictures was born: 2-week-old baby girl in a rainbow swaddle encircled with 1,616 of syringes.

This photo shows IVF struggles better than any words can. The picture went viral, even though Patricia and Kimberly initially made it just for themselves.

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The happy couple told CNN that they wanted other struggling parents to see that no matter how hard it gets, the result is worth it:

I hope that there's a couple out there that's going through what we are that can see that there's hope at the end of the tunnel. There's a light and you just have to get there.

Similar photos shared by other parents

All these photos are absolutely beautiful and inspire so much hope! 

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