Is She A Men-Hater? Mormon Mother Split Social Media Claiming Unwanted Pregnancies Are 100% Men's Fault

Date September 20, 2018 15:39

Abortions are a hot topic in the U.S. as some people believe they should be illegal, while many women fight for their right to have a choice. One mom had a lot of thoughts about this issue, which sparked a lot of controversy.

Is it really men's fault?

Gabrielle Blair is a Mormon mother of six children. She has a blog, in which she often raises important issues on the subject of female rights, as well as other things that concern her beliefs.


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One time, however, she took to Twitter in order to share her thoughts about men, who are determined to stop abortions in the U.S.

Gabrielle started by stating her opinion that it's pointless to try and make abortions illegal, in her mind, they are a result of unwanted pregnancies, which, according to her, are entirely men's fault.

Apparently, she doesn't believe it takes two people to cause an unwanted pregnancy, and men must be the ones to put an end to it.

Overall, Gabrielle built her argument around men putting pleasure above safety, and that is why she believes they should be held accountable for 100% of unwanted pregnancies.

She finished by emphasizing that only women must be in charge of their bodies, but men need to stop unwanted pregnancies.

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Social media responses

As expected, Gabrielle's opinions caused a lot of mixed reactions. While some men completely disagreed with her views on the problem...

...women agreed with her stance and supported the ideas.

What is your opinion on Gabrielle's thoughts?

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