Unbelievable! Two Pairs Of Identical Twins Separated At Birth Reunite By Chance 25 Years Later

Date September 21, 2018

From time to time we hear unbelievable stories about identical twins separated at birth. It's surprising something like this happens in the first place, but we're amazed at how life manages to bring the lost siblings together. And our story is not just about one pair of reunited identical twins, but two!

Pieces of puzzles coming together

This story is absolutely incredible. Two sets of identical twins were separated due to a hospital mix-up in Colombia and raised as fraternal brothers.

This means, that both twins went home with wrong families and were raised as fraternal brothers, instead of identical. Still confused? 

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Jorge and Carlos Bernal grew up as fraternal twins in Bogotá. William and Wilber Cañas grew up as fraternal twins in a remote farming village in Santander. But, Jorge is William's identical twin, while Carlos is Wilber's.

Their discovery was absolutely accidental. Once, William was mistaken for Jorge by a woman. She couldn't believe he wasn't her friend and proceeded to show him Jorge's Facebook profile.

William was amazed to see a man looking exactly like him, but he was even more astounded when he saw Jorge with Carlos, who, obviously, looked like his fraternal brother Wilber.

The four man met and couldn't believe their eyes. Two families were reunited after 25 years.

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Unfortunately, Jorge and Carlos' parents passed away before brothers found each other, but Carlos met his biological parents, Carmelo and Ana, who raised William and Wilber.

You might think it's absolutely earth-shattering to find out the information like this, but, according to Colombian psychologist Yesika Montoya, the men are coping wonderfully with their newly-discovered identities. As she told Fox News:

When you find out information like this you, go through different stages, and it will take a long time in order to be able to experience different changes and adapting to different situations over a long period. But overall they have been very positive and optimistic, in spite of the pain, the information and the shock.

Jorge and William, as well as Carlos and Wilber, make effort to see each other every day, in order to catch up on all the years lost due to their separation.

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