Wife Of A Fallen Soldier Was Shocked To Discover Touching Letters For Her And Their Daughter He Wrote Before Passing

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September 19, 2018 10:54 By Fabiosa

Todd W. Weaver was only 26 years old when his life was cut short in Afghanistan. Like many other brave young men, Todd made a decision to serve his country after the tragedy of 9/11. 

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Losing Todd brought great pain to his friends and family. He left behind wife Emma and their daughter, Kylie. 

Everyone who knew and served with Todd described him as "the best," and the following story shows what a truly special man he was.

Letters he left behind for his wife and daughter

Emma Weaver's life became a nightmare after she found out about her husband's passing. She could see him everywhere, but he was gone. No one and nothing could relieve her grief until she received Todd's laptop.

Upon opening it, Emma discovered two letters, one that said "Dear Emma," and another titled "Dear Kylie."

Emma knew these were the goodbyes Todd prepared for them in case something would happen. She shared the letters on her personal blog, and they instantly bring tears to eyes.

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In his letter to Emma, Todd reminded her how much he loved her and felt blessed having her as his wife every day. He urged her to be happy, and remember that he's always with her:

I love you so much baby and I will always love you. Although I may not be here right now, take comfort in the fact that I am watching over you right now. I am not gone and I will always be with you in spirit.

As for his little girl, Todd apologized for not being there for her and left important words to live by:

I am so sorry I will not be able to see you grow up. But remember, your Daddy is not gone. I am in heaven now smiling down on you every day. You are so very lucky to have such a wonderful Mom to take care of you. Make sure you are good for her and help her out whenever you can. 

For Emma, these letters were a blessing. They gave her closure and peace she was so desperately looking for, as well as something to remember her late husband by.

Moving on, but never forgetting

As encouraged by Todd, Emma moved on and found happiness with another man. Although her life is different now, she keeps Todd's memory alive, and the family always pays respects to him.

 Emma hopes Todd smiles when he looks down on them from Heaven and is grateful for feeling him by her side.

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