Mother Claims Her Breast Milk Turned Blue After Her Baby Got Vaccinated. How Is That Possible?

Date May 20, 2019 09:45

Most of the people are sure that breast milk should only be white, and that no other variants are possible. In fact, they are not correct.

Mother Claims Her Breast Milk Turned Blue After Her Baby Got Vaccinated. How Is That Possible?Lifebrary /

The lactation consultant, Karen Meade, claims that human milk is not the same as the cow’s milk. Nevertheless, a lot of people mistakenly associate them with one another, and can’t even imagine breast milk can have different colors.

Breast milk turned blue

Jody Danielle Fisher was surprised by the color of her milk and claims she didn't eat anything artificially colored. Even though the mother isn't anti-vaccinationist, she says it happened right after her daughter Nancy had her injections.

On her Facebook account, the woman posted a photo of two bottles with the breast milk: the first one is from the day before injections, and the second one – just two days after vaccination.

Moreover, Jody says she knows the exact reason why her breast milk unexpectedly changed the color and believes it's because her body started to produce antibodies, as it thinks that the baby is sick.

Expert’s explanation

Experts think that Jody is not right, and the reason is different. For example, the Australian obstetrician, Dr. Andrew Pesce, says it happened as the result of food dye, or deep-colored vegetables she has eaten before.

There is no mechanism by which a woman's body can detect an immune response. Breast milk is made to support babies, this is true, but the colour change is not helping in any way.Sometimes women will eat things and if the dye is particularly strong it will be excreted through the breast milk.

So, experts say that the change of Jody’s breast milk is a simple coincidence, and it is not connected with vaccination.

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