23-Year-Old Started Family With 68-Year-Old Man And They Are Totally Happy Despite Social Condemnation

Date November 23, 2018 18:42

Of course, everybody dreams of finding the right person and falling in love forever. Nevertheless, it might not be so easy, as certain social standards may ruin the dream.

Many people wonder what is the minimum socially acceptable age of the partner. Usually, the rule “half your age plus seven” is applicable. According to this rule, you should divide your own age by two and then add seven. Nevertheless, not all couples follow this rule.

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There is one special couple in Canada: the woman is 23 years old, and the man is 68 years old. Stefani fell in love with the retired contractor Don Walper when she was only 19 years old. Moreover, they have a 5-months-old baby together and feel themselves truly happy. What do other family members think about such an unusual couple?

Stefani claims she mostly enjoys friendship with older people, as they share her interests. Stefani’s parents and brother didn’t support her decision, but after some time they accepted her choice. She said:

At first, my brother wasn't very impressed and my mom and dad were not fans of the idea, but luckily everyone eventually came around.

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By the way, her parents were 54 and 65 years old, when she began her relations with Don.

Now, Stefani and Don are ready to make their relations official:

We know what we have together. We're getting married and we have a child we love. That's why we don't even pay attention to what people say anymore.

Despite the huge age difference, Stefani and Don are truly happy and in love, and that is what the most important.

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