Desperate Parents Find Their Kidnapped Newborn After 18 Years, But She Wants To Stay With The Abductor

Date November 14, 2018

Every woman tries to protect her child from everything bad and hopes there will be no obstacles to their bright and happy future. And a mother becomes very stressed when something is wrong with her baby. But can you even imagine feelings of a woman, whose 3-days old child was taken away by a stranger?

Desperate Parents Find Their Kidnapped Newborn After 18 Years, But She Wants To Stay With The AbductorAnn in the uk /

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Kidnapping of Zephany Nurse

Zephany Nurse was just several days old when she was kidnapped from the hospital by a woman who was dressed as a nurse. At this time, her mother was recovering from the C-section in the bed next to her.

Five days after Zephany's birth, her mom, Celeste, and dad, Morne, went home without their daughter. They came home to nothing, and it was impossible to imagine how to continue a life without a baby.

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Her parents did everything possible to find her, but unfortunately, there were no results.

They found their daughter after almost two decades, but sadly, this reunion didn’t bring them long-awaited relief happiness. Zephany rejected her biological parents and preferred to stay with the woman who kidnapped her.

As reported by DailyMail, Zephany's father said:

I got my daughter back and now I've lost her all over again, and it is just as painful this time around, maybe even more so. Finding her was the best news ever, but it feels like we've lost her again. Our hearts are broken.

Morne blames the other side, claiming there was much pressure from them:

To begin with the connection was there, we both felt it strongly. But then she felt torn, she was guilty to be spending time with us, she was obviously under huge pressure from the other side.

Psychological side

As reported by Voc Fm, Zephany Nurse faces emotional trauma after reuniting with her family.

The clinical psychologist Shahieda Carlie Abrahams says her behavior is expected, and in this situation, it is normal to go through a flood of emotions after the shocking discovery.

She said:

She will feel shock and denial, betrayal and depression. She would be joyful for discovering her family but she will suffer the loss of the family she resided with for seventeen years.

It is hard to imagine what Zephany Nurse's parents feel, knowing that their daughter doesn't want to return to their family, and loves the woman, who kidnapped her. But from the early childhood, she сonsidered other people to be her parents, and it is hard to change the whole life after so many years. Nevertheless, Zephany’s parents still hope they can reunite with their daughter and live happily as one family.

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