Darlie Routier's Story: 21 Years After She Was Sentenced To Death For The Murder Of Her Sons, She Insists On Her Innocence

Date June 14, 2018 10:35

America is right next to Iraq and Pakistan.on the list of countries that rely heavily on the death penalty. Yet, it considers itself one of the most progressive countries in the world!

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Darlie Routier's story

It is exactly because of this that the story of Darlie Routier is getting a lot of attention, particularly from Viola Davis who has produced a docuseries, The Last Defense, partly based on her story.

Routier was sentenced for the death of her sons in 1997 and since then has been on death row for 21 years.

Her crime

Her sentencing was shocking because she had placed the call herself to 911 the day her sons Damon and Devon were murdered. In fact, she was left with a knife wound on her neck when the police found them.

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Law enforcement, however, said that her story was not consistent with the evidence they found.

The Last Defense

Since her 1997 sentence, Routier has insisted on her innocence, and her supporters say that the police had tampered with the crime scene. But her case has not been revisited. However, the docuseries produced by Viola Davis has offered an insight  into her case.

It aired on June 12, and people online are divided in their opinions of Routiers case. Sadly, it is not yet clear if this series or renewed interest will make a difference for the imprisoned woman who continues to be on death row.

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