'I Have Created The Perfect Wife!' Plastic Surgeon Redesigns His Bride To Become The Ideal Woman

Date August 29, 2018 14:56

Many women undergo plastic surgery for different reasons. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there has been a massive increase in the request for elective procedures since 1997. 

Everyone has his/her own reasons for wanting to make a change like this. But for this particular lady, it's all about being her husband's "walking billboard."

'I created my perfect bride'


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Philip Craft is a plastic surgeon who hones and displays his skills through his wife, Anna. When they met, Phillip found her to be very beautiful. However, after childbirth, he decided it was time to fine-tune their looks a bit. 

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Before she had her children, Anna initially refused her husband to perform surgery on her. But after her two sons were born, she began to consider it. She told the UK Dailymail that she did not regret allowing her man make these changes to her body.

He's enhanced my breast, sculpted my waist and injected fillers in my face. Phillip even sculpted my abdomen to look like a proper six-pack instead of just a one-pack!

Phillip told the publication that his wife soon became who he pointed to whenever his patients asked if he was a good enough surgeon to do their operation.

Anna agreed to her first nip and tuck in 2005 when Phillip gave her a breast augmentation. The then 32-year-old said she was thrilled with the results and got on board to do more surgeries.

During her pregnancies, Anna lost 30-40 per cent of her breast volume, but I got her a brilliant new set.

Next up, the mom underwent some liposuction and made her waistline deeper. She has also had work done on her buttocks. She was quite proud of her husband and what he had done for her.

I'm the epitome of my husband's work,

she told DailyMail.

She soon became an advocate for plastic surgery as well, as she held the belief that every woman of a certain age should consider Botox and fillers.

Phillip said:

Anna has the most beautiful figure now - she looks absolutely magnificent. When clients come in, I say my wife is my in-house model. We work so well together as a husband-and-wife team

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Mixed reactions

Understandably, many people did not approve of the relationship between the two. Some thought he sounded controlling and Anna must lack confidence in herself.

There were others who felt there was absolutely nothing wrong with Phillip helping Anna sculpt the perfect body.

At the end of the day, opinions are varied. But hey, live and let live.

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