Birthday Treat? "Human Barbie" Sarah Burge Gifted Her 8-Year-Old Daughter $7,000 Vouchers For Plastic Surgery

Date June 12, 2019 11:21

Sarah Burge has never hidden the fact that she is addicted to plastic surgery. She once even said that she can’t remember the time when she didn’t want to get under the surgeon’s knife.

The 51-year-old has already spent over $300,000 on around 30 procedures over the last 20 years to get the face she’s always wanted.

Burge says that there’s nothing wrong to be addicted to “looking good” and this is the mantra she teaches her daughters as well.

The birthday gift

Do you remember what you wanted on your 8th birthday? A new doll? Or, perhaps, a cool bike? Maybe a games console or a pretty hat? Well, how about plastic surgery vouchers?

Excited Poppy Burge woke up on her very special day to discover that her mom will gift her $7,000 of vouchers to spend on..not colorful crayons, no..rather plastic surgery!

While Poppy doesn’t even have her two front teeth yet, Sarah believes that the best gift she can give to her daughter is a chance to look just like her.

She says:

I’m investing in my child’s future. I’m giving Poppy the freedom to do what she wants. That’s what Poppy wants for her ­birthday. I think she is beautiful and I don’t think anything needs to change. But the reality of life is people don’t think they look fine as they are.

Sarah’s ‘gift’ caused an outrage among the public. When she had an interview with Anderson Cooper, trying to explain her decision, the host couldn’t hold in his true feelings. Cooper called Burge “dreadful” and noted that he regrets she was invited on the show.

What do you think about Sarah’s way of life? Is it ok to gift children plastic surgery vouchers?