Disgraceful! Mom Of 5 Wastes $23 000 In Benefits A Year And Demands More Cash To Buy Her Kids Clothes

Date June 19, 2019 18:01

In August 2017 there were 7.38 million families receiving Child Benefit in the UK. But some of them make us question whether they really deserve the money they have never worked for.

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Despite being 27, Emma Lawlor from West Midlands, England, already has 5 kids from 2 different men. She claims none of her former lovers support the children so as a single mom she receives $23 000 in benefits every year.

However, that handsome sum is not enough for Emma. She says that she needs more money because she can’t afford school uniforms for her kids.

The young woman comments:

The money that I get is for my children. It goes on clothes, it goes on food, nappies, baby wipes, none of it goes on me.

Lawlor, who got pregnant for the first time when she was 17, has never worked in her entire life. Yet she likes to treat herself to cigarettes and takeaways every week.

The mom-of-5 defends herself by saying:

It's stressful looking after five kids on my own. I do buy a few takeaways for them because sometimes I just can't face cooking and yes I do smoke but I can't cope otherwise.

Lawlor plans to go to college and get a job in the future so she could do “something good” with her life and set an example for her children.

Social media’s reaction

Do you agree with people online or do you think Emma deserves more money?