Saving Grace? Woman Who Has Dated Over 100 Married Men Claims She's Helping To Save Their Marriages

Date June 18, 2019

Some women get attracted to strong arms, others to a cheeky smile, but Karen Marley can’t resist married men.

Marley, who currently dates three married men at the same time, doesn’t want them to leave their wives, she just “borrows them” for a bit.

The 45-year-old meets her prays on a website specifically created for people who want to have affairs. Karen believes she’s actually saving those unfaithful husbands’ marriages as she sends them home happy.

Serial mistress’ revelation

In the open letter to Mirror, the serial mistress revealed why she gets attracted to married men. Karen explained that they are “better trained” because they have their wives to tell them off.

She wrote:

Married men have had all their rough edges sanded off by their wives and know how to behave around a lady.

But Marley is not satisfied with just one, she likes to date “a team” of married men. She doesn’t feel bad about it because those husbands wanted to have an affair.

The mistress claims their wives “should be grateful” they chose her:

I am the perfect mistress. I am never going to ask them to leave their wives for me. Most mistresses do, but not me.

But does she feel like she’s “second best” in her lovers’ lives? Never. She explains:

Men with me endure no drudgery, no arguments, no grief. And in return, I see them at their very best. So I never feel like second best.  In fact, I get the good bits of married men. During our time together, it’s the wife who is the other woman.

Karen reveals that married life is not for her, she likes to be single. She just prefers dating ‘taken’ men because they have qualities she’s looking for and she doesn’t plan to stop.

I’ve been a serial mistress for six years now and I love it because I’ve found I’m so good at it.  I have had more than 100 dates with married men so far. And I’m definitely not finished yet.

Karen is not the only woman who leads that kind of life

47-year-old former model Gweneth Lee shares Marley’s opinion about married men. She has dated over 100 of them and claims that she saves marriages.

Lee believes that she is “the perfect solution” for those unions that lack intimacy. She says that she doesn’t feel guilty because the cheated wives know what their husbands are up to but they want their men to be happy and stay married.

What do you think about these women? Is what they are doing right or wrong?