Single Father Encourages His Severely Bullied Young Daughter To Undergo Multiple Plastic Surgeries To Change Her Look

Date November 8, 2018

Being a teen is tough. But being an adolescent who looks different from everyone else is even harder. Overweight kids are bullied more often than children, which can lead to a lot of emotional problems in adolescence.

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If the problem persists, and the bullied kid wants to change his or her looks, they usually turn to dieting. But some teens choose the easiest path: Surgery. It’s a very controversial choice, not supported by many parents. However, this dad decided to give his severely bullied daughter money to change her looks.

"The best gift ever"

Tom York is a single dad who loves his daughter, Haleigh, more than anything in the world. When he found out that she had been struggling in school, facing constantly bullying for her weight, he decided to help her.

Single Father Encourages His Severely Bullied Young Daughter To Undergo Multiple Plastic Surgeries To Change Her LookInside Edition / YouTube

Haleigh was a big fan of cheeseburgers and used to drink six Mountain Dew sodas a day. It’s no surprise that her unhealthy habits affected her weight. Because of her hefty shape, she became the target of vicious high school bullies. She remembers:

I got so bad that I had to drop out of school. I thought I had passed the point of no return.

Haleigh tried every diet possible, but nothing helped. She would lose weight, but then gain even more back. So she decided to take a radical approach. After undergoing bariatric surgery that removed 80 percent of her stomach, Haleigh lost half her weight.

Her father commented:

When she walks into a room, I’m still shocked by how great she looks.

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But the surgery brought its own side effects: Haleigh was left with a lot of excess skin that exercise couldn't remove. That’s where Tom York stepped in. He gave his daughter $37,000 to undergo multiple skin-removal surgeries.

Now, 23-year-old Haleigh says it’s the best gift she has ever received.

However, people are debating whether it’s a good decision