Parents Who Cruelly Pranked Their Adopted Kids To Get Views On YouTube Are Sentenced For Child Neglect

Date October 5, 2018 09:31

Michael Martin and his wife, Heather, are notorious pranksters. And who are the unfortunate victims of their 'jokes'? The couple has five children. Martin created his own YouTube channel titled DaddyOFive, where he boasts with all of his pranks.

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However, you won’t see the kids laughing and saying "good one, dad” in the end. Instead, they are crying in hysterics. The 'Invisible Ink Prank' video has collected more than 300,000 views. In it, the couple stages a fake spill on a bedroom carpet and blames it on their son, Cody.


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YouTube users were enraged after seeing the video. So much so, Martin was forced to remove it and make another video to assure everyone that Cody is fine.

The channel, which is now-deleted, featured more than 300 prank videos that showed Michael and Heather screaming at their children and blaming them for things they didn’t do.

The payback

After several citizens complained about the videos, the authorities started investigating the couple. According to a neuropsychologist, those 'pranks' traumatized the children.

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After the investigation, the Martins lost custody of two kids, who were sent to live with their biological mother. The couple’s three other kids, who are Heather Martin’s biological children, were not included in the investigation.


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Michael and Heather will also serve five years of probation on charges of child neglect. However, despite everything, the two were still making 'prank' videos with their kids and shared them via new YouTube profiles, but those were shut down as well. Do you think they should have gotten a more harsh punishment?

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