Loving Granddaughter Breaks The Rules To Sneak A Dog Into The Hospital For Her Sick Grandmother

Date August 22, 2018 14:13

Only people who don’t have pets say they aren’t heathy and there are more problems with them than happiness and satisfaction.

Health benefits of having pets

In fact, there are lots of reasons proving they are wrong to same extent. The thing is having a pet at home has a number of health benefits to it.

It is well known that animals help people in a number of different ways. According to, first of all, people who have pets, are less susceptible to all kinds of heart problems. What is more, they have lower stress levels, owing to the  relaxation hormone their bodies release while interacting with pets. It’s easier for such people to be more sociable and have a better mood as a result.

She pretended her dog was a baby

No wonder this granny was missing her cute doggy so much after she had been admitted into the hospital. The thing is she had been almost paralyzed as a result of a reaction to medications she had been taking. The poor granny had been lying on the floor for several hours as her husband was hard of hearing.

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Here’s how Shelby Hennick, granddaughter, described it to

She was unable to walk for two days and would fall over... Unfortunately my grandpa is hard of hearing, so he wouldn’t know she had fallen until hours went by and she was on the floor.

So, her granddaughter decided to cheer her up and bring her favorite pet, Patsy, into the hospital. It goes without saying dogs aren’t allowed there, but Shelby Hennick had to find a way.

Shelby knew the granny was missing the dog so much, as they had been together for 13 years. So she decided to do the impossible:

It was actually my mom's idea to dog-nap Patsy, I just happen to be passing her house when she called so, of course, I was gonna do it

She just took a blanket and voila!

Nothing was planned, I just by chance had a blanket in my car, swaddled her up, and just walked in! Luckily, we’ve been in the hospital enough lately that they remembered who we were, so we just walked by and waved to them!

It’s hard to imagine the granny’s happiness when she saw the doggy!

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People share their stories

However, it’s not the first time a doggy gets into a hospital as a visitor. After Shelby did the trick, people started sharing their stories on Twitter about their experience of doing the same!

It’s wonderful what people can do to make their loved ones smile!

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