Brotherly Love! Heartwarming Video Shows Little Boy Born Without Legs And Hands Soothing His Baby Brother

Date October 8, 2018

All parents dream of watching their children be caring and kind toward one another. In some cases, moms and dads really need to take an effort to create this irreplaceable connection by sharing the pregnancy with their older kids and teaching them how to soothe the baby. But sometimes, there’s an instant love-bond!

Take, for example, this little boy


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Camden was born with amelia and phocomelia syndrome and has no legs and hands. But this doesn’t stop him from being a caring big brother!


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Last year, his mom, Katie Whiddon, shared a touching video on her Instagram feed. In it, Camden is seen with his newborn brother Jaxton who suddenly starts crying out. Immediately, the toddler comes to rescue!


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The little boy scoots himself closer to Jaxton and lifts up his pacifier using his mouth and shortened right arm. When he pushes it into the brother's mouth, the baby calms down and stops crying.

How cute is that!


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But taking care of his siblings (the boy also has a younger sister) is not the only thing he can do. As his mom Katie revealed to DailyMail:

He's awesome and can do so many things you'd never believe unless you've seen it with your own eyes. He might not have legs to get up and run, but that boy can roll and scoot super fast! Don't underestimate someone just because of the cover they were born in.

And he surely continues to impress his parents. Just take a look at this video of Camden taking his first steps, despite having no legs!

Other than amelia and phocomelia syndrome, Camden is a healthy kid, and we’re sure he has a bright future ahead of him.

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