Incredible! Mother Of Three Transformed Her Hobby Of Recycling Old Clothes Into A Successful Business

Date August 29, 2018

How could a mother of three build her own little empire working from home? Pretty simple! She learned to transform old clothes into new fashionable masterpieces. Her story inspired us a lot. We hope it will inspire you too.

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Mother of three shares her story of success

Meet Sarah Tyau, a woman who transferred her hobby into a very perspective business. Sarah has three kids, and, like any other mother, she knows how expensive it is to buy new clothes for children, who grow out of them immediately. So, Tyau began searching for a way to save some money. Besides, she needed something that would give her an opportunity to work from home.

And it hit her! Tyau started recycling old clothes. At first, it was more like a hobby. Sarah didn’t finish any specific courses. The only experience she had was from high school classes. But when you have a desire and are not afraid of difficulties, nothing is impossible.

Sarah transformed oversized shirts to wedding gowns, formless dresses – into stylish jumpsuits, etc.

Tyau told Bored Panda:

My skills are, actually, very basic. My vision makes up for my skills, though. t takes me 15-30 seconds to envision the piece to something I’d want it to transform into.

Sarah’s life slogan is “look good, feel good, do good!” Today, her fashionable masterpieces are extremely popular, and people are lining up to get a piece of stylish, and unique, clothing at an appropriate price.

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Sarah launched her Instagram account, where she shares her works. She already has more than 150,000 followers.

If the mother of 3 made her dream come true and launched her little empire from scratch, you can do it, too. Just think what skills you have, and how you can transform them into a prosperous business. Don’t be afraid – and you’ll definitely make it!

Benefits of recycling old clothes

Aren’t you tired that modern brands impose their vision on all of us, considering what and how we should wear? Besides, in most cases, all these 'brand new’ clothes cost a pretty penny.

 It’s time to stop wasting money on overpriced labels. Here are the reasons to consider recycling old clothes:

1. Saving money. It’s much more affordable to give a second life to old clothes rather than wasting money on new wardrobe every season.

2. Exclusiveness. You can be sure nobody else will wear the same dress as you do. It’s not cool at all to look like identical twins in the same dresses. Ladies know what we’re talking about.

3. New skills. Who knows, maybe you have a hidden talent for recycling clothes, and will become next Donatella Versace?

4. Self-realization. It’s always great to transform your hobby into a successful and moneymaking business, where you are the boss.

Do you have any hobby that helps you earn money and enjoy your work at the same time? We are looking forward to your suggestions in the comments.

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