Man With Down Syndrome Showers His Dad With Kisses In A Sweet Airport Moment

Date September 4, 2018 10:01

A bond between a father and son is indeed unique and special. A man with Down syndrome was captured on camera covering his father with kisses after a trip. Since then, this video has gone viral and got 20 million views.

Father and son’s reunion

Matt Cobrink is 53, but he still shares a very special bond with his father. Matt and his dad, Malcolm Cobrink, never stay apart for a long time.

Once, Matt decided to fly to Los Angeles to see his favorite baseball player from the Yankees. He spent there almost one week.

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Matt and his father never separated for such a long time in the last 25 years since Matt’s mother died.

On the day of his arrival back home, Matt’s father and sister went to meet him at the airport. Just as Matt made his way down the escalator, he started searching for his dad.

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His sister, Marcy, captured the sweet moment of their reunion on camera. It was truly precious!

The video of the man with Down syndrome kissing his old father in the airport amid a huge crowd went viral and garnered 20 million views in a couple of weeks. Can you imagine this?

Marcy commented on this heart-melting moment:

I knew that my brother and my father are so closely attached… We just want to share the love, because my brother has brought so much love into everybody’s life that he comes in contact with.

How sweet is that? This video made our day!

Special bond

Relationships between parents and children are some kind of sacred. This special link makes a great impact on what kind of person a child develops years after.

This could be said of daughters too, but agree that a father-and-son bond is very important and is something that a parent should make time for.

A son is a mini-copy of his father. He resembles him in many ways and wants to follow in his footsteps as he grows up.

Bonding with his son should be taken as the main priority for every dad. Strong fathers make strong sons that become good husbands and successful family guys.

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