Mother Was Criticized For Letting Her 11-Year-Old Daughter Get A Plastic Surgery To Avoid Bullying: “She Let The Bullies Win”

Date October 3, 2018 17:15

Parents often think their children are the smartest and the most beautiful on Earth. We got used that parents adore and praise their kids (sometimes, even too much).

This mother was criticized for letting her 11-year-old daughter get a plastic surgery. What was her point? There are two sides to this story.

Teenage girl gets a plastic surgery

Meet 11-year-old Bella Harrington from Virginia. Bella is a smart girl with diverse interests. Unfortunately, Bella suffers from bullying in her surroundings. The reason is her appearance, in particular, her ears.

The girl belongs to that 5% of the population who have protruding ears. This makes her the subject of talk and ridicule.

Her mother, Sabrina Harrington, said:

They were teasing her over it. One thing they said, she had elf ears.

To stop bullying, Mrs. Harrington made a decision that Bella should be going under the knife to get a plastic surgery.

 The more people pointed it out, the more I wanted to change it.

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Sabrina consulted specialists and here is what she found out. A plastic surgeon, Dr. Joe Niamtu, explained:

When it comes to correcting an issue that's prompting bullying, the younger the patient is, the better.

Mother is under fire

Bella underwent a surgery and changed the shape of her ears. However, the majority of people on social media started criticizing her mother for allowing the teenage girl to go under the knife.

We ask you not to judge this mother too strictly. The problem of bullying at schools is more serious now than ever. Sadly, but every child can become a victim of bullies. The best thing that parents can do is to help their children get over this experience together.

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