Did She Set A New Record? Woman Has Given Birth To 38 Children By The Age Of 37

Date August 21, 2018 09:36

How about having 38 children in a family?

At 37, one lady gave birth to 38 children. Can you imagine this?

At 37 this woman has 38 kids

Meet Nnalongo Mariam Nabatanzi from Kabimbiri village, Uganda. Nnalongo and her husband raise 38 children. Though, initially, they plan to have 6.

Except for her last child, Nabatanzi delivered all her babies at home. Among her children are six sets of twins, four sets of triplets, three sets of quadruples, and single births. 10 of them are girls, and the rest ones are boys. The oldest child is 23 years old, while the youngest is 4 months.

Nabatanzi explained that being the only young girl in her family, she found marriage a difficult task for her. The woman even didn’t realize she was actually getting married until her father “gave her away to a strange man.”

Nabatanzi is optimistic about her children’s future and wants them all to go through school and get education, something her father could not do for her.

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The older children help her with younger siblings and other home work. The mother-of-38 said:

I enjoy taking care of my children myself though. My children are my joy and I take pride in caring for them. 

Nabatanzi says a woman is respected by the way she handles her family, and she hopes she’s doing everything right for her children.

How common it is to have many kids

A study shows that in 2016, the fertility rate for Uganda was 5.6 births per woman. For the U.S. it's 1.8.

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It’s a common thing for women in African countries to have 4-7 kids in a family, while in America and most European countries, the average number equals 2.

It all depends on lifestyle, mindset, social and environmental features, health condition.

How many children do you have in your family? Do you match the statistics? Please, write your answers in the comments.  

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