Incredible! Transgender Teen Takes A Selfie Every Day For 3 Years To Show His Dramatic Gender Transformation

Date August 17, 2018 09:57

Sometimes, people may just think they do not belong to their own bodies. Jamie Raines is exactly that kind of person. Born as a female, Jamie never felt it was right to him. At some point, Raines decided to change his life drastically.

Dramatic transformation into a man

For Jamie Raines, one of the hardest decisions in his life was to accept himself as a transgender, but he never regretted the choice he made.

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Jamie was born in a female body, but he always felt it was not right for him. Raines began his journey of a dramatic transformation into a man at the age of 18.


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For three years, Raines continued his testosterone hormone treatment. It was very hard at the start. The changes were barely noticed, but Jamie didn’t give up. He confessed:

I realized I was different from the other boys but I was desperate to fit in with them. 

In the course of a hormone therapy, Raines began to notice the first changes. His facial hair started to appear. Jamie was completely confident he made the right choice.

I just knew it was right for me… it felt right.

Today, Raines has a girlfriend, who totally supports him in his transformation. Jamie made a time-lapse video featuring 1,400 photos that document his incredible gender transition.

Just incredible!

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More teens identify themselves as transgender

To be transgender means that one identifies with a gender other than one’s biological.

A study released last year estimates that 0.7% of teens aged 13 to 17 are transgender, which equals about 150,000 kids, USA Today reported.

Some transgender people identify as neither male nor female or as a combination of male and female.

Some experts believe that with raising awareness of transgender issues, the youth might find it safer to come out and talk about gender identity. Public awareness is important because it helps protect transgender people from bullying and discrimination.

Whatever your choice is, it should be respected by others. Do you agree?

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