Man Who Has 5 Wives Opens Up About Benefits Of Living A Polygamous Marriage

Date September 3, 2018 09:53

A happy marriage doesn’t always involve only two people living together. A star of the reality show, My Five Wives, proved that living in a plural marriage has its undoubted benefits.

Man who has 5 wives and 25 children

Meet Brady Williams, a man who has 5 wives. It doesn’t mean that Brady was married five times. No! He actually lives in a happy marriage with 5 different women.

According to Brady, all his wives are on good terms. He also stays on the equality in their relationships. For the women, it involves sleeping with their spouse only every fifth night. In case they want to make some changes, they need to make a deal beforehand.

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Brady and his soulmates Paulie, Robyn, Rosemary, Nonie, and Rhonda have 25 children together. The parents have the equal rights in planning their kids’ future.

Brady explained he doesn’t like the sexist connotation within his family and refused to accept the title “the head of the household.”

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‘My Five Wives’

Since 2013, this family has their own reality show My Five Wives broadcasted on TLC. The show documents the life of Brady’s polygamist family and highlights the duties and problems they face on a daily basis.

One of the wives, Robyn, said in an interview:

I guess we are the family that kind of went from an exclusive viewpoint to an inclusive one! There is nothing wrong here.

Her husband added:

Whatever form marriage comes in, as long as it’s about love and commitment, that’s okay.

Of course, the Williams are not a typical family. But you may be surprised to find out that there are about 50,000 polygamous families in the United States at the moment. Their life slogan is “If you don’t like plural marriage, don’t get plural married!”

It makes sense to some extent. Do you agree?

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