After It Was Discovered The Unborn Child Had Spina Bifida, Doctors Removed Him From The Womb For Surgery, And Then Put It Back Again

Date February 15, 2019 12:55

Spina-bifida is a deformity in which the skeletal frameworks, spine and spinal cord don't form accordingly, and it is under the extended division of neural tube defects.

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After It Was Discovered The Unborn Child Had Spina Bifida, Doctors Removed Him From The Womb For Surgery, And Then Put It Back AgainLightspring /

Unfortunately, for babies with spina bifida, the deformity incurs in the spinal cord and in the bones of the spine when a portion of the neural tube fails to develop or close correctly.

Bethan Simpsons’ ordeal with spina bifida

Bethan, 26, and her husband, Kieron, experienced a spearheading surgery that saved the life of their unborn baby. The operation was performed to treat the infant's spina bifida condition after a series of tests were conducted.

The couple was initially advised to terminate the pregnancy, however, when they were informed about the alternative but risky procedure, they went for it.

The surgery was conducted 24 weeks into Bethan's pregnancy to fix the spina bifida.

The bewildering operation was performed by a team of Belgian and UK surgeons in London, which is new because the surgery had always been performed in Belgium until then. Bethan praised:

"I had the most recognized surgeons from around the world from University College London Hospital and Belgium looking after me.”

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Specialists from UCL Great Ormond Street Hospital, in London, participated in most of the major roles involved in the process of treating Bethan, who was only the fourth mother in the UK to undergo the procedure.

The surgeons removed the baby, repaired the spinal cord and put the infant back in Bethan's womb, so that it continues to healthy grow. How amazing!

Internet users rejoice with the couple

The successful completion of the surgery process prompted a rejoicing reaction from internet users.

We are glad that the innocent baby was given a chance at life. Hopefully, the soon-to-be parents continue to stay strong for their infant and spend many joyful moments with their child in the future.

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