Adorable Photo Of Little Girl Holding Her Soldier Daddy Doll For Comfort While Her Father Was Away On Military Duty Is Heartwarming

Date September 25, 2018

The call to serve is one that many men and women are happy to answer. However, for many of these brave men and women of the Armed Forces, it usually comes at a price.

Often times, they do not get to see their family members for a long time. Every now and then, this can lead to a strain on familial ties especially when children are involved. It is for this reason that the daddy dolls exist.

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So what's a daddy doll?

Simply put, a daddy doll is a toy replica of fathers in the military. They are a stuffed toy, that has the face of your father. With this amazing, yet simple invention, kids can feel slightly closer to their daddies, even though they are far away.

6-month-old Nathan Briscoe had only seen his father for the first three months of his life before he was deployed to Poland for a 9-month service.

However, before he was deployed, the doting dad was tasked with putting his son to sleep every night. Following his deployment, Nathan experienced difficulty falling asleep.

Nathan's Mom, Deanna Briscoe, was highly distressed by this. Then along came the daddy dolls to the rescue. Deanna got one for Nathan and the difference was instant.

In a video posted on Facebook, she gushed about how happy he was with the doll which has his father's voice inside. He falls asleep much easier now, she said.

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Cuttest daddy doll photo ever!

Adorable photos of a little girl with her daddy doll surfaced on Twitter. The post was shared by doting mother, Chelsey Solano showed her beautiful daughter clinging to her toy intensely.

In a photo, she is seen sleeping peacefully with her father's replica in hand. Another picture also showed her with it outdoor. She sure was obsessed with it.

Luckily, she didn't have to hold on to the toy for so long as her father returned back into her arms. Isn't this so precious?

Since the pictures went viral, many have commented on it saying lovely things, and sharing their daddy doll tales.

How do you find this idea? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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