"Happy Birthday Most Vibrant, Hilarious, Twirling Daughter!" Gwyneth Paltrow Shared A Rare Photo Of Her Cute Apple

Date May 25, 2018 14:39

Gwyneth Paltrow shared a rare photo of her 14-year-old daughter looking so similar to her mother. Apple has recently celebrated her birthday, and even though she is an already grown-up teenager, she never gets bored spending time hanging out with her mother.

Rare moments

There are two types of celebrities. The ones who overexpose their kids to the public and use them to get even more hype and popularity, and those who try to protect their children from extra attention from the mass media. Gwyneth Paltrow didn’t want her fame influence the daughter’s upbringing.


Therefore, so few photos have been published with adorable Apple. However, when such images hit the Internet, the celebrity’s fans couldn’t feel happier about that.

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Once in a while

On May 15, the world saw how mature and grown-up Gwyneth’s daughter is. Apple celebrated her 14th birthday, and Paltrow couldn’t miss a moment to congratulate and thank her kid for their flawless relationship:

You make everyday feel like Christmas morning. You are the most vibrant, hilarious, twirling all over the place, beautiful (inside and out) young woman. You are an amazing thinker and an incredible songwriter. Thanks for still hanging out with me, even though you are 14.

A day before Gwyneth posted a naked photo of pregnant herself, speaking about the Mother’s Day and congratulating her “colleagues” with their “professional holiday.”

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Amazing mom

The Shakespeare in Love star doesn’t forget about her mom as well. Fabulous Blythe Danner looks magnificent even in her 75, and Paltrow never stops sharing adorable moments with her beloved mother on her Instagram.

Keep cheering us up with even more amazing moments from your life, Gwyneth.

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