"Your Breasts Are Distracting My Husband!": A Mother's Epic Reaction To A Stranger Trying To Shame Her For Breastfeeding In Public

Date September 4, 2018

When a baby is born, a woman has to make her first decision as a mom – to choose the way to feed the child. There are two options available: either breastfeeding, or bottle-feeding. Breastfeeding is a natural way to feed a child, and one of the best methods to establish a close contact with the baby. It helps the child to relax and feel safe next to the mom.

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Nevertheless, not all people are fans of breastfeeding. Dartford Gossip page on Facebook tells a story about woman who didn’t like a young mom who was breastfeeding a child, and told that her breasts were distracting her husband.

She asked the woman to breastfeed in the private place, and got the most epic reaction: She literally squirted her with boobs.

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That story became viral right away, and people are still leaving comments, telling their stories, connected with the breastfeeding.

Unfortunately, that’s not the first time people are acting judgmental towards women who are breastfeeding. This woman was asked to cover up at a restaurant. And she did exactly that. What a creative person she is!

Of course, every woman should decide whether to breastfeed or not. But please, let’s respect each other’s choice and be nice.

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