Childbirth Online: Woman Opens Up Details About Her Labor With Her Husband Who Was In Deployment

Date September 4, 2018 16:55

It is very hard when our loved ones are far away and we can’t share moments of joy and sadness, can’t feel their presence and support. Wives of deployed servicemen have to deal with lots of things by themselves while waiting for husband to return from the deployment.

Luckily, new technologies allow us to stay in touch via social media. Mom-of-two, Kate, managed to share a moment of parturition with a husband, John, at deployment by video call.

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Kate and her husband found out they were expecting a child in June 2017, and both were extremely happy. Initially, the couple hoped there would be a small chance for husband to be home before Kate would deliver. But a little later, some sad news arrived: He would be about a month late to baby girl’s arrival.

Of course, Kate was rather stressed knowing she would be giving birth without John. So she decided to have a video call with him while giving birth to their baby girl:

As the contractions grew closer together, I video chatted John on the computer. With each ring, I was nervous his Wi-Fi had gone out. Finally, he answered! Seeing his face made all my nerves slowly disappear.

John was with Kate throughout the whole time of labor, and she could feel his support:

Labor was slow and steady, but John was there the entire time. He made his typical ‘dad jokes’ and made me relax as much as I could. His sense of humor made the pain manageable, with the help of an epidural of course. He was reassuring and helped to destress me as much possible.

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He gave her strengths not to give up and stay strong till the end:

The contractions started to become closer together, and I started having the urge to push. The doctors came into the room and said it was time. I looked at John and knew everything would be alright. I gathered all my strength and pushed.

After several months, John could finally meet his girl and hold her in his arms:

She was asleep when he first held her, just a bundle of blankets, but it is a moment we will never forget it. Our family of 3 was officially a family of 4, and we could start creating memories together.

They were so far from each other but managed to be together during such an important day – the birth of their child. So touching!

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