'My World Was Shattered!" Pregnant Mom Talks About How She Survived The Devastating Loss Of The Love Of Her Life

Date August 9, 2018 11:04

This world is both tragic and rewarding. The family of Stuart Ellis used to have one good tradition.

Tragic Stuart’s death

Every day, Stuart Ellis used to text her partner, Justine, he is safe at work. However, on that day when she asked him how he was, the woman didn’t receive an answer. Then, there was a call from Ellis’ mother asking her to come home.

Newmarket’s Tyler Nielsen, 20, was charged with impaired driving causing death. He took a vehicle without consent and was driving while disqualified.

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Candid story by Justine

The woman, Justine, was left with a 14-month son, Grayson, and another baby in her stomach that was only 6 weeks. Their father died instantly at the site of the crash at the age of 28. Everything that was happening on that day and the days after was just devastating. The woman just couldn’t imagine how she would have to raise two of her kids without her husband.

Eventually, on July 20th, 2018 she gave birth to their second child, Coby Stuart, whom she named for his daddy.

Luckily, Justine had lots of people, friends, and family who supported her online and offline. But the main thing that helps her wake up every day and go conquer the world are her children. That's the meaning of life for her. The woman admits she doesn't know how she would survive without her precious bundles of joy. 

That's her secret of moving on with her life without her beloved husband by her side. 

How to be a responsible driver

Still, it is of utmost importance to remind people about how to drive responsibly. Naturally, it requires a lot of practice, confidence, and concentration. There are a few things that have a negative impact on the quality of driving. These are smoking, overspeeding, drinking alcohol or doing drugs, as well as talking on the phone. It’s only a small part of what a responsible driver shouldn’t do when behind the wheel or before.

George Rudy /

Justine, as a woman, whose husband’s life was taken by a careless driver, urges people to drive responsibly. She promotes the rule Arrive Alive, Drive Sober, and asks people to call 911 if they know someone drives impaired. That’s what every person should do. Sticking to the rules while driving might save lots of lives.

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