After Giving Birth To Two Children As A Woman, Transgender Man Opens Up What It Feels Like To Be A Dad

Date September 5, 2018

After giving birth to two children while living as a woman, this transgender man is proud to call himself 'dad'. His step-daughter’s coming out helped Spencer Hanson accept his own nature.


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Hard choice

Meet 36-year-old Spencer Hanson, a soccer coach from Kansas. Spencer was born in a female body, but he always felt he was more like a man than a woman.

Hanson grew up in a Christian family with rather conservative parents. Though at his early years Spencer wasn’t familiar with the term 'transgender', he always knew he was not supposed to be born a female.

At the age of 19, Spencer announced he was gay, and married a woman named Jess. His wife had two kids from the previous marriage. The couple also welcomed two children together. As a woman, Spencer gave birth after getting pregnant with a sperm donor.


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How the mom turned dad

Spencer was happy with his big family, but he still felt that emptiness inside, which he couldn’t explain. The answer came unexpectedly due to his step-daughter, Bub.

At the age of 9, Bub announced their parents “she was a boy, not a girl.” After Bub’s coming out, Spencer finally found the courage to reveal his own nature. That was when his transition began.


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Hanson explained why it took him so long to make this life-changing decision. He said:

What kept me from transitioning is I felt like I was completely letting my parents and my friends down. I don't like making people feel disappointed or ashamed of me.


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Spencer said he never regretted he made this decision. One more thing he worried about was how his kids would react to his transition. But they supported his choice and accepted him as a dad.

The hardest thing about it was giving up the title 'mom', because for me, it held a lot of emotion. But when my kids call me 'dad', it makes me feel great.


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Hanson has an Instagram blog, Becoming Dad, where he shares his life journey to transition. A lot of people supported his choice.

@spreadthelifeline  This is so awesome, keep spreading positivity!!

@r.ipmysoul   I’m so proud if you for getting through everything you’ve gotten through, I aspire to be as strong as you.

@ty.dye.galaxy  You’re beautiful! I hope you know that. You have a beautiful mind. Beautiful thoughts. Beautiful being. Beautiful.

Spencer hopes his experience will help people who are also afraid to reveal their gender identity. He believes that only knowing who you are and what you are meant to be can bring happiness.

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