Father Pulled His Son Out Of The Burning Car And Got Deprived Of NASCAR License For Inappropriate Outfit While Rescuing

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June 21, 2018 14:03 By Fabiosa

Father saved his son from the burning car in the NASCAR racing at South Boston Speedway. Dean Jones pulled Mike out of the scorching number “39” seconds before the vehicle got devoured by the flames.

Race crash

The NASCAR Late Model 100 at South Boston Speedway took part under the coverage of Halifax Insurance. The 400-mile race witnessed a fierce fight for the first place between Mike Jones and Matt Bowling.

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Whelen Late Model driver was just about to shake off his opponent and get the leading position when Matt cut in ahead of Mike making the two cars bump into the guardrail.

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Unbelievable saving

Bowling’s car stopped almost immediately, while Jones’ vehicle continued moving with millions of sparkles coming from beneath the car. The gas tank got leaked, and the fuel ignited.

Mike’s car began burning, and it seemed the driver couldn’t get out of the vehicle. Luckily, moments later, a man in shorts jumped over the guardrail and directed towards the accident place.

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He helped Mike leave the car seconds before the flames ate it completely. The superhero turned out to be Mike’s father, working as his crew chief:

When I saw the flames, without any hesitation I jumped the wall to help pull him out of the car. No one except sweet baby Jesus would have kept me from freeing my son from a burning race car.

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The fire extinguishing team arrived within a minute, but it was too late for the car. The vehicle was lost, but Dean claimed nothing but his boy was important for him.

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Day before the holiday

Despite the miraculous saving, Mike won’t be able to continue taking part in racings. NASCAR officials asked him for the license as when his father Dean was on the track he was wearing inappropriate outfit – shorts:

I even asked are you serious right now? That’s ok, it’s only a piece of paper.

The accident happened the day before the Father’s Day, so hopefully, Mike made Dean a really unforgettable present in return for his invaluable rescue.

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