Summertime Happiness: Let These Four Bright Puzzles Embellish Your Tedious Routine

Date May 23, 2018 14:42

Sunny weather, lukewarm water, upcoming vacation – this is summer! You will have such desired rest to restore your energy for all the hard and tedious working days. However, it is important to keep yourself (particularly your mind) in shape. That is why there are a few intriguing puzzles for you to prevent the brain decay as well as enjoy the summer theme.

First puzzles

Puzzles are usually quite difficult tasks requiring intelligence and broad knowledge of the appropriate level. There is no clear assumption when the first puzzle appeared, but there is evidence that 4000 years ago people were already aware of the Tangram game and other similar entertainments.

Nick Starichenko /

Even in the ancient times, people understood that thanks to puzzles you can learn to think outside the box and go beyond the standard answers, and this is an important habit for solving life problems.

Summer mind-teasers

As a rule, puzzles have several levels of complexity, so they are interesting to people of all ages if chosen appropriately. Here are a few summer-themed puzzles for you to provide your brain with a necessary workout.pathdoc /

Before setting on the distant journey, one should take care of the garden to be sure everything will be alright after the return. Moreover, no one has ever complained about the extra luck during the trip. That is why try to find eight ladybirds among the leaves and remember to steer clear of annoying potato bugs because they are not something you are looking for.

Once you have dealt with everything outside, it is time to prepare for a long trip. Your backpack must include a lot of things, but as it is a really hot period, you might require some water; some thermoses with water. Try to find seven of them in the picture.

Finally! A deep, azure sea that never stops alluring you with its warm streams. It is so easy to resign yourself to its control that you may not notice how you lose some of the belongings. Try to help the poor girl find her slippers, hat, and glasses.

Sweet memories of the pleasant vacation. It is so sad to meet the end of the rest. Luckily, nobody forbade you to return here the next year. That is why it would be fantastic to leave yourself a bottle with the message! Scan the picture to figure out where that letter might be hiding from you.

Many of you may also ask a simple question: what is the use of puzzles? Why do I need to solve these tricky mind-teasers? Everyone knows that the brain must also be trained and stimulated. Puzzles can always stay at hand and be quite helpful because they are a very effective tool for the logical and spatial thinking development. In addition, puzzles develop heuristic thinking – the ability to find solutions to atypical problems.

Also, puzzles are an excellent possibility for stimulating. Finally, puzzles have a positive impact on the development of mathematical abilities even if you are not a child already. With each correctly performed task, your self-esteem will be more and more inspirational.


Have you managed to deal with all the challenges? Let’s check with the answers.

The eight ladybirds required attentive eyes to be found, so here are all of them.

The thermoses were also difficult to detect with such a mess, but finally, here they are.

The underwater stuff was tricky to find, however, with enough patience and attention the clothes could have been noticed.

Finally, the bottle with the message was not really hidden, but due to the mess around, the one should have tried hard to detect it.

Keep solving the puzzles and let them help you train the brain, making you satisfied with each correct answer.