4-Year-Old Elianna Grace Suffered From A Rare Kind Of Drowning And Was At The Death's Door

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May 4, 2018 10:54 By Fabiosa

A 4-year-old girl was on the verge of dying after a rare condition called dry drowning. Little Elianna is now slowly recovering, and her parents are unbelievably thankful to the similar accident posted on Facebook.

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Tragic entertainment

The fateful events took place on April 14 at Elianna grandparents’ pool in Sarasota, Florida. The girl was playing alongside the other kids with pool noodles harmlessly blowing water at each other.

At one moment, when Elianna was holding a toy, another child blew the water inside the girl’s mouth. The kid vomited immediately but seemed completely fine after that. However, the parents shouldn’t be as calm as they were.

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Drowning condition

Two days later, on Monday, Elianna showed the fever symptoms that eventually ended up with a doctor visit on Wednesday. The kid’s mom Lacey wouldn’t decide to go to the doctor unless she had previously read a painful story about the child that passed away after inhaling a lot of pool water:

I remembered reading a story last year about a Dad in Texas whose son passed away because he went untreated after inhaling a bunch of pool water. I wasn’t going to let that be Elianna.

During the family hospital visit, kid’s skin began turning purple, her heartbeat significantly increased, and oxygen level dropped. As they proceeded with the checkup, it turned out that little Elianna had aspiration pneumonia. She depended on the oxygen as it was really difficult for her to breathe.

Her second course of antibiotics didn’t give much, and the only good news recently was about the heartbeat – it lowered and forwarded towards normal levels.

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Mom's call for action

Dry drowning is a condition that doesn’t require ocean, pool, or even a bath tube. It may happen that breathing in a certain amount of water and causes the vocal cords to spasm and even close up.

Elianna’s mother Lacey calls for awareness everybody, as every instance may be fatal. She encourages to address professional help as soon as you notice the child inhaling too much water.

There is no need to risk the life of your precious if you know the disastrous outcome can be avoided.

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