Family Is Raising Gender-Free Baby, A "Theyby", Allowing It To Make Its Own Decision

Date February 14, 2019 17:10

There are many parenting philosophies and approaches, but those relatively new seem to challenge traditional upbringing and cause a public commotion. Some parents wait for a boy or a girl, but others let the kids choose their gender by themselves.

How does that sound?

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Ari Dennis, from Florida, does not reveal the sex of her baby, claiming that sex and gender are different things, and despite having male genitals, the child may obtain female gender at the age of 3 or 4.

Those babies are known as "Theybies", a child who is raised gender-free. Dennis’ child, named Sparrow, even has that in the birth certificate.

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The mother says:

We are in no way prohibiting Sparrow from having a gender, and we're not forcing them to be one gender or another.

Despite attacks from the public, these parents are sure they know what they are doing. They explain they don’t plan to impose any gender role on a baby, thus allowing the child to discover it on its own.

There's no way this can go wrong.

This family is not alone. Plenty of people now support raising theybies. However, not everyone approves such a controversial approach.

Dick Swaab, the author of We Are Our Brains, proves that such philosophy makes sense. There was a common opinion that society forces a child into a certain behaviour model. After years of research, however, the author concluded that our brain develops as male or female in the womb, long before the genitals are formed.

As a rule, a certain set of hormones released by the brain determines the physical sex of the baby, but sometimes there's a glitch an d, due to the poor function of brain structures, the male genitals may form in a baby with a female brain.

Does that mean the Dennis family is right by raising a gender-neutral baby?

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