She Just Wanted To Get Rid Of It! Woman Claims A Haunted Doll She Bought For £5 Attacked Her Husband

Date November 5, 2018 08:55

The human mind is a complex and curious entity. It has imaginative powers that can align with any subjective belief of an individual. Paranormality isn't a far-fetched thing for our brain to construct at its will!

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According to Scientific American, a recent national poll surprisingly shows that almost 71% of Americans believe in miracles, 42% believe that ghosts live among us, 41% think that telepathy is real, and 29% have complete faith in astrology. Debunking this thinking, researchers declare these beliefs to be a cognitive failure. 

We are simply not capable of understanding some things yet, so we create a supernatural ideology around them. However, the following couple might reinforce or challenge your credence in magic!

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The couple claim they bought a possessed doll

Debbie Merrick purchased three dolls for £5 each. The porcelain vintage bridal dolls looked more expensive than the suggested price.  But as soon as she brought them home, one of the dolls seemed particularly morbid. The family encountered unusual occurrences, such as things moving around the house. As the owner claimed, the doll attacked her husband at night, leaving scratches on his legs.

She Just Wanted To Get Rid Of It! Woman Claims A Haunted Doll She Bought For £5 Attacked Her HusbandThis Morning / YouTube

She put the doll in a shed outside their home. But that didn't stop the allegedly haunted doll from scaring them more. When Debbie went to check on it, the doll's necklace had moved around its neck as though it had been strangled. She then decided to get rid of it immediately and put an advertisement on eBay, describing it as a creepy doll.

Many paranormal enthusiasts showed their interest in the spooky doll. It was finally sold for a whopping £866. A blessing in disguise!

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Fear of dolls

Patients of pediophobia are terrified of even a short sight of a doll. Just one look can make them scream hysterically. Symptoms of this phobia are mostly psychosomatic red flags. It may trigger hyperventilation, excess sweating, dry mouth, nausea, increased heart rate, and trembling. The following are Psychologenie's suggested treatments:

  • cognitive behavioral therapy to change the person's thought pattern;
  • relaxation techniques through varied activities;
  • exposure therapy to confront the feared object;
  • psychotherapy to relieve underlying trauma;
  • anti-anxiety medications if the phobia is chronic.

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Do you think buying these dolls onset this woman's phobia or was her experience real? Share this and let us know your opinions!

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