Siblings Who Survived Horrible Crash That Killed Parents And Baby Sister Are Recovering With Each Other's Support

Date May 4, 2018 13:43

Life-changing events happen every day. Sometimes, they bring joy and happiness, but other times, they are filled with sorrow. Unfortunately, a tragic event happened to the Clemens family.

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A horrible head-on car crash that happened on April 7 took Jim and Karis Clemens lives as well as the life of their 2-month-old daughter Juliana Clemens, thus leaving 4 of their children orphans.

8-year-old Angela, 4-year-old Wyatt, 5-year-old Zachary, and 2-year-old Nicholas barely survived. But now, they are finally starting to recover with each other’s support.

A touching photograph of Angela seeing Wyatt for the first time after the crash has gone viral since it has emerged on the Internet on Friday.

Next day, the two siblings reunited with Zachary, who was able to leave his bed for the first time just to see his brother and sister. Nicholas has already been released from the hospital, he is staying at their grandmother’s home.

The kids were joyous to see each other, as they sang songs and ate ice cream. Zachary’s condition started to improve after receiving support from his siblings.

Their aunt, Teresa Burrell, comments:

We saw the strength and courage that these siblings give to one another. Zachery has been really struggling and is having a hard time eating and taking his medicines. Besides the physical pain he experiences, he has been depressed.

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On Friday, Burrell took to her social media to say that Wyatt went from being paralyzed on his left side when he suffered strokes caused by the crash to taking his first steps in physical therapy. After visiting his sister, he said:

Angie, I am going back to my room now.

She looked at him and said:

 Wyatt, I need you.

The loving boy stayed with his sister for another 25 minutes, firmly holding her little hand.

Over $160,000 has been raised through a Facebook campaign for the funeral arrangements and to help children recover, as they need the ‘extensive care for many months'.

Throughout the last six years, around 196,236 people died in car accidents. That’s how many people live in Utah. Now, imagine that the whole city got whipped out in six years! Crazy, right?

If we pay more attention to road rules and traffic safety laws as well as avoid potentially dangerous driving habits, we might decrease the number of fatal crashes and horrible accidents like the one that happened to the Clemens family. Let’s do it!

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