Wife Asked Husband To Come Up With Creative Gender Reveal. She Was Surprised To Hear Her Late Dad's Voice

Date August 30, 2018 13:15

Jennifer Jones-Prothro from California is a mother to eight children. Each time she got pregnant, her father Charlie didn’t want to know the gender of his grandkids, as he always wanted to be surprised by it.

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Unfortunately, the man died in 2017, following a long battle with cancer. So when Jennifer became pregnant with her ninth child, she first decided not to learn the gender. But along the way, Jones-Prothro changed her mind, and asked her husband, James Prothro, to come up with a never-seen-before gender reveal.

And he didn’t disappoint!

Luckily, Jennifer’s husband turned out to be a creative man. He had his father-in-law’s voice messages, so he decided to edit them, so that it was Charlie who could deliver the happy news.

Then, James asked his wife to go downstairs, gave her a speaker, and recorded the priceless reaction. Imagine Jennifer’s surprise when she heard her father saying these words:

Hello, Jenny, this is your father. I want to let you know that it is a girl.

What does she think about the gender reveal?

As Jones-Prothro revealed to CNN, it was the best way to learn her baby’s gender:

The last person I expected to hear was my dad. I wouldn't have wanted to learn it any other way.

The video since then has gone viral, with hundreds of people commenting on it

Jennifer is due in December, and we wish her easy labor and delivery!

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