Real-Life Hero! Police Officer Is Praised For Nursing A Malnourished Baby While On Duty At The Hospital

Date August 22, 2018 11:24

A picture of an Argentinian police officer has gone viral on the internet, with hundreds of people praising her for her kind heart and heartwarming act. What did the woman do?

When Officer Celeste Jaqueline Ayala was at a children's hospital in Buenos Aires where she was performing a guard duty, a little baby was brought in. Unfortunately, the child was crying in hunger, so Ayala’s maternal instincts kicked in.

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As she revealed in an interview with local media, she first asked the staff if she could step up to care for a baby while they were busy with work. Then, she started breastfeeding the malnourished child until he was fed.

The touching moment was captured by Marcos Heredia. He shared it on Facebook, adding that the hospital staff said the baby was ‘dirty,’ but this didn’t stop the woman from helping the starving baby.

A true hero, isn’t she?

The moment melted people’s heart, and the officer’s name even was turned into hashtag on Twitter, where people showered Ms. Ayala with warmest compliments. On Facebook alone, the post has more than 100 thousand shares and 90 thousand likes!

While Celeste was praised, some women are shamed for breastfeeding in public. But luckily, they know how to fight back. Just recently, another viral story has made headlines where a woman was told to ‘cover up’ while nursing.

Guess what she did next?

Instead of covering her breasts, she threw a blanked over her head, completely covering it. She has a good sense of humor!

How do you feel about indiscreet breastfeeding?

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