Cute Toddler With Down Syndrome Hit The Internet By Saying His First ABCs

Date October 3, 2018 12:45

A little boy with Down syndrome has been melting the hearts of millions all over the world with his cuteness.

Toddler hit the Internet

Meet John David from Alabama, a toddler with Down syndrome who stole the hearts of millions worldwide.

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John is a curious little boy who enjoys discovering the world and brings joy to his loving parents. When the kid was 2 years old, he and his parents made a trip to visit his grandma in Jacksonville. It was there when they decided not to waste time and teach John the alphabet.

His grandmother, Pam, captured the moment how John is saying his first ABCs. It was so adorable that the woman decided to share her joy with the rest of the world and posted the cute video on Facebook with a caption “The best ABCs.” The video has already garnered 11 million views.  

Are you ready for the heart-melting cuteness? Then, enjoy the video.

Thank you, little John! You made our day.

Life without limits

Nowadays, children born with Down syndrome can live the full life just like the rest of us. Unfortunately, most people after hearing the words “Down syndrome,” imagine a disabled person with a lack of physical or mental abilities. It’s totally incorrect!

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Children with Down syndrome just need a special approach to develop their skills. With a bit of time and efforts, these kids can grow up to become teachers, artists, and even models. So, maybe in the 21st century, we should avoid double standards and prejudice?

Kids with Down syndrome prove that hard work and persistence are the essential factors in following their dreams. Just give these children a chance and you’ll see how amazing they are and what they are capable of!

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