Oregon Mom Was Shamed For Breastfeeding By Her Own Doctor. She Complained, But The Clinic Ignored Her

Date July 31, 2018 15:47

Breastfeeding in public remains to be an issue. Many people find it OK, while some think it’s disgusting and inappropriate. This is why nursing mothers often have the fear of being judged, but what if the person judging you is your own doctor?

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Jennifer Howard, a mom from Oregon, suspected she might have postpartum depression and went to her new primary care doctor at the Salem Clinic. The woman took her 3-month-old daughter Evelyn with her.

During the visit, the baby started crying because she was hungry, so Jennifer tried to feed her. She told KOIN 6 News:

I did what any mom would do. I picked her up and attempted to nurse her. Before I even got started, [the doctor] stopped me. He said, he asked me if I had a cover, and I was a little surprised.

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Jennifer was lost for words. Anyway, she complied and found some kind of cover in her diaper bag. She said:

… and he comes over to me and takes it out of my hand and proceeds to hold it up and shield me while I got my baby latched. And then he took it and covered me and my baby with it and proceeded with the office visit.

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The mom felt extremely uncomfortable about the situation. Later, she phoned the hospital and asked to explain their policy on breastfeeding, but they said they had none (by the way, according to Oregon law, nursing mothers are allowed to breastfeed in public).

When Jennifer wanted to change her primary care provider, the hospital informed her that it’s not possible, and she would have to find another clinic to receive medical care at if she wants another doctor.

Jennifer chose not to stay silent. She took to Facebook and wrote a long post about her humiliating experience and the way her clinic handled it.

The post has been shared more than 700 times. Dozens of people voiced their support in the comment section.

What do you think about the whole situation? Was Jennifer right? Was it OK for the clinic to ignore this mom’s complaints and urge her to find another place to receive medical care? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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