Florida Mom Hits Back At Those Who Criticize Her For Breastfeeding In Public, And Her Epic Response Goes Viral

Date June 13, 2018

Breastfeeding in public is perfectly normal and acceptable – there’s no arguing with that. Babies need to be fed at regular times. Should a mother who is somewhere outside with her baby cover herself or hide in a secluded place when breastfeeding her little one? Certainly not! Unfortunately, many people still don’t get it.

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Ashley Kaidel, a young mom from Florida, was at restaurant. When she started feeding her baby, she felt an angry stare. Some woman a few tables away from Ashley was eyeing her and shaking her head disapprovingly, as if to let the young mother know she should be ashamed of herself. The two women didn’t say a word to each other, but no words were needed there.

After her unpleasant experience, Ashley wrote an elaborate Facebook post defending uncovered breastfeeding:

The woman’s post resonated with many mothers and quickly went viral. It garnered more than 400,000 likes and over 120,000 shares. But Ashley’s goal wasn’t to seek attention, as she herself explained in the post. She wrote the post in support of other mothers of young babies, to let them know they are not alone and they shouldn’t feel ashamed of feeding their babies in public.

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Breastfeeding is a totally normal and natural thing to do in public. There’s nothing illegal or immoral about it. Every woman has the right to feed her baby when she needs to. Public breastfeeding is definitely not an impropriety, and the society needs to stop shaming women for doing what their babies need.

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