Girl Slapped Her Classmate On A Dare, And Her Mom Punished Her In Front Of The Whole Class. Did She Go Too Far?

Date August 30, 2018

What do you think good parents should do if they find out their child is bullying other kids? A good parent will take action to stop this behavior. Every parent has a different approach, as what may work on one kid may not work on the other. One Ohio mom did what she thought was best, and the video of her punishment can’t leave anyone indifferent.

Cymphyne Murray / Facebook

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Cymphyne Murray, a mom from Columbus, Ohio, learned that her daughter, Miajia, slapped her classmate because someone dared her to do it. The woman decided she would not condone such behavior. She went to her daughter’s school and gave her a stern talking-to in front of her classmates and teacher, as well as made her apologize.

At one point in the video, it looks as if she hit her daughter with a rolled-up magazine, but the video is poor quality and this moment can’t be clearly seen.

Cymphyne Murray / Facebook

Cymphyne uploaded the video on Facebook, and it has been shared thousands of times. In the comments, people expressed their support of the mom’s actions:

Most people agree that this was the right step for the mom to take and it also shows other kids that bullying is not OK. But what do psychologists have to say?

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What to do if your child is bullying others

A child can start bullying others for many reasons. Some kids do it to maintain their popularity among peers, while others do it because they experience the same at home and can't see what's wrong with it. Some kids don’t even want to bully others; they just give in to peer pressure, trying to fit in.

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When parents find out their child is a bully, it’s important to take the right action to stop this behavior. Here’s what may help parents to fix the situation, according to

1. Have an honest and open conversation with you child

Talk to your child about their behavior in a calm and composed way. Guide them to understanding what they did is wrong by explaining how their victim feels and that they shouldn’t do something to others that they don’t want done to them. Give some real-life examples of good behavior (say, in your family or in the child’s class).

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2. Explain the consequences

Explain to your child that bullying will lead to consequences. An appropriate punishment would be to take away your child’s phone or tablet, or to ground them, until their behavior improves.

Even more importantly, explain what bullying does to victims, who may harm or even kill themselves as a result.

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3. Work closely with the school

Walter Roberts, a professor of counselor education at Minnesota State University, Mankato, told

School personnel works best when they see that parents sincerely want to improve the situation. Don't feel you'll be judged as a bad parent. It's hard raising kids, and it's not a failure to ask for help.

Work with your child’s teacher and take the issue to the principal or counselor if needed.

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4. Help your child develop positive social skills

Help your child choose extracurricular activities and after-school programs that can help them build positive relationships and acquire skills needed to develop such relationships.

If parents, educators, and other responsible adults come together to solve the issue, bullying can be stopped.

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