Mom Is Furious After Her 5-Year-Old Daughter Was Left In A Hot School Bus For 3 Hours And Nearly Died Of Heatstroke

Date August 31, 2018 16:47

A 5-year-old was left on the school bus for 3 hours

Starting a new school year can be exciting, especially for young kids. Parents of children who have just started school may have some common worries, like “Will other kids be nice to my child?” or “Will my child be able to find their classroom?”

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Most parents don’t worry about the possibility of their children being left on the bus in the scorching heat, and nor should they! But, apparently, such situations CAN happen, as one mom shared on Twitter. Here’s the full thread:

Fortunately, the girl is doing OK and she’s not even afraid of riding on the bus. The mom told Scary Mommy:

Her temporary bus driver is wonderful and on Tuesday they get a regular bus driver. The driver who left her on the bus was fired immediately after I left school and did not finish his day driving.

This girl and her family are so lucky that this situation ended well.

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What can happen if a child is left in a hot vehicle, and how to prevent such situations

Most parents assume it can’t happen to them, but even the most loving, caring, and responsible parent can get distracted and leave the child inside the car. If that happens, the consequences can be catastrophic.

According to Seattle Children’s, the temperature inside a car can rise by 20 F in just 10 minutes and by 40 F in an hour. It can happen even when it’s not too hot outside.

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If a child is left in a hot vehicle, they can suffer a heatstroke. In heatstroke, the body temperature rises dangerously high, which can cause damage to the brain and other vital organs and even death. And the younger the child, the faster it happens.

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To prevent accidentally leaving your child in a vehicle, the following may help:

1. Think up a system which will make you check the backseat every time you get out of the car. It can consist of placing the stuff you need on the backseat or setting a reminder on your phone to check the backseat.

2. Don’t let your child play in the car.

3. Make sure all doors and the trunk are locked once everyone is out of the car.

4. Keep car keys (or any keys, for that matter) out of a young child’s reach.

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Although such situations are highly unlikely, teach your child what to do on the off chance they get left on the bus. Coley shared this tip: tell your child to honk the horn until someone notices them and gets them out.

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