Heartbroken Dad Shares A Photo Of His Little Son And Daughter Saying Their Last Goodbyes As She Dies From Cancer

Date June 15, 2018 15:21

There’s nothing more unfair in this world than children getting incurable cancer. Thousands of families are left devastated and heartbroken after losing their most beloved to this horrible disease. But, at least, these children die knowing they are loved, and they will reunite with their parents when the time comes.

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Little Adalynn Sooter, who was just 4 years old, died peacefully after a long fight with a brain stem tumor, and her family was there to comfort her in her last moments. Adalynn’s father, Matt, shared a sweet and heartbreaking photo of his 6-year-old son, Jackson, by his sister's bedside.

The boy gently caressed his sister’s hair, and she held his arm. It’s the sweetest and saddest goodbye that should have never happened.

The family first knew that something was wrong in October 2016, when they were at a theme park. The girl's gait seemed off, her father recalled. He told PEOPLE:

We were confused, but we thought it could be because of the growth spurt she had just gone through. As it got worse, we became more and more concerned.

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As weeks went by, Adalynn’s symptoms worsened. She was walking unsteadily and had difficulty holding utensils.

The girl’s parents brought her to the hospital where doctors found a tumor on her brain stem. Adalynn was diagnosed with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DPIG).

Over the following weeks, the little girl received dozens of radiation treatments, and the tumor grew smaller.

Matt told PEOPLE:

We were relieved, and we hoped and prayed she would be one of the rare ones whose tumor would stabilize. But we knew the odds were that it would come back.

Much to the family’s dismay, the tumor started to grow again. As a last resort, Adalynn’s parents took her to Mexico for experimental treatment. The treatment worked at first, but then it became ineffective. Adalynn passed away on June 3, surrounded by her nearest and dearest.

Before Adalynn died, her family knew her chances were slim. In May, Matt told PEOPLE:

While we don’t look forward to a future without our little girl, we don’t fear it.

Little Adalynn is in heaven now, and we hope her family finds peace and strength in these trying times.

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