Mom Wrote On Facebook That A Popular Kids' Bath Bomb Gave Her Daughter A Chemical Burn. How Is It Possible?

Date August 27, 2018

Bath bombs can make bath time much more fun! These products are used by adults and children alike, but you should be careful when using a bath bomb you haven't tried before, as one mom’s experience shows.


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Jennifer’s story

Jennifer Renee bought a Hatchimal bath bomb for her daughter. What makes this product special? There’s a toy animal inside it, which becomes visible once the bath bomb is dissolved. It must be a nice surprise for a kid, right?

Jennifer’s daughter Willow was in for a surprise of a different kind. Within a minute of being in the bath, the girl complained of a burning sensation on her skin. Willow's pediatrician confirmed that it was a chemical burn and not an allergic reaction.

The mother took to Facebook to warn other parents. In the post, she mentioned that her daughter had used bath bombs of other brands before, and this was the first time she had such a reaction. She also attached a photo of the packaging, with the batch number clearly visible.

Jennifer’s post quickly went viral, and the reaction to her warning was mixed. Many other parents said they used the product and their kids were completely fine.

The mom also contacted the manufacturer, Spin Master, Ltd., who promised to investigate. Snopes, a popular myth-debunking website, also requested a comment, and here’s the company’s response:

Spin Master was made aware of the situation via a Facebook post and we are in the process of looking into the matter with the licensee company to whom Spin Master licensed the Hatchimals brand. We are saddened to learn about a young girl’s injuries. That said, it would be premature to comment further on the situation until we learn more.  We are working closely with the product’s licensee manufacturer and distributor to determine whether there are any product issues.

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Are bath bombs safe for kids?

In Jennifer’s case, it’s quite possible that a mistake occurred during the making of that particular batch of bath bombs. The ingredients may have been mixed in a different proportion, which could affect the quality of the product.


Fragrances and dyes used in the manufacturing of bath bombs may cause a skin reaction in children and adults who are allergic or sensitive to particular ingredients.


Another ingredient that could be responsible for such an effect is citric acid. If there was too much of it in the bath bomb Jennifer used, or if there were clumps of this ingredient (which should be refined), it’s quite likely that it caused a chemical burn.

Parents should always do a patch test of any cosmetic product before using it on their kids to make sure their children are not allergic or sensitive to any ingredients.

Safety first!

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