Jessa Duggar Gave Her Son Henry His First Haircut, And People Shamed Her For "Risking His Safety"

Date September 26, 2018

The Duggars are real family people

It seems like there are so many Duggars that we’ve almost lost count of them! Not every member of this famous family remains in the spotlight, but Jessa Seewald, née Duggar, is one of those who gets a lot of attention.


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Jessa is married to Ben Seewald, and the couple has two sons. The older one, Spurgeon, turns 3 this fall. The younger one, Henry, is 19 months old.


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Jessa gives Henry his first haircut

Jessa often shares cute family moments on her Instagram page. She has recently posted a video where she gives Henry his first haircut. Look at her nimble hands – it seems she has some experience in this business!

Even such a routine thing can turn into a fun family activity, as we can see in the video! The post garnered more than a thousand comments, but it seems not everyone in the comment section is a fan…


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How people reacted

Some users criticized Jessa, claiming she could have hurt her son accidentally by cutting so close to the skin.

Always cut on top of your fingers, not below. You risk cutting yourself and your client (or child) if you go below. Your fingers should always be between the scissors and the scalp.

Jessa replied to the criticism, quite politely (well, what else would you expect from a Duggar?):

I always cut on top of my finger, unless they’re not wearing a cape. With longer cuts on babies and toddler’s hair, I cut under my fingers instead so that I’m holding onto all the cut hair and can drop it straight into the trash. Way less mess! And yes, I’m super careful. 😊❤️


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Unsurprisingly, that comment was not the only negative response to the post:

why don't you take your kids to get there hair cut at a hair salon?

The way your cutting it makes this barber cringe lol

However, most comments have been positive. Many people commented on how great little Henry looks and how well Jessa did the job:

Wow you did a great job he looks super cute

Everyone telling you how to hold your scissors when you clearly know what your are doing... great job Mama and beautiful family ❤️

Oh my our precious henry 😍😚 so handsome baby. Your so amazing mom jessa. God bless your family ☝️💕


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People will never cease to criticize anything the Duggars do and spew hatred on them, even if there’s no legitimate reason for hostility. It’s a good thing that Jessa and the rest of her big family simply don’t mind the haters and critics.

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