'Most Identical Twins' Share A Boyfriend And Want To Get Pregnant By Him Simultaneously

Date January 17, 2019 16:23

Anna and Lucy DeCinque live up to the nickname they gave themselves – “the most identical twins in the world.”


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Who are the DeCinque twins?

The two women eat the same, dress the same, share social media accounts (the two are fashion & beauty bloggers) and even speak in sync, completing each other’s sentences.


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They even underwent similar plastic surgeries and other cosmetic procedures, keeping their identical looks. The two spent thousands of dollars to change their appearance (but they later regretted it, like the Bogdanoff twin brothers). They have since reversed some of the procedures.


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It would make sense for such a duo to find a set of identical twin brothers to date (like these two couples and these two sets of twins), right?


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Wrong! They chose to share a boyfriend. The man’s name is Ben Byrne. All three are satisfied with this arrangement, and they even share a home in Perth, Australia.

The trio’s plan to have a family

Some people are weirded out by this ménage à trois, but Anna, Lucy, and Ben simply don’t care (the sisters’ mom approves of their unconventional union, by the way).


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What’s more, the sisters and their boyfriend want to start a family, as they have said earlier. The twins appeared on Today, an Australian morning show, and shared their plans. One of them said they would legally marry Ben, if possible:

If we can change the law in the government, we’d love to marry Ben.


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They added that they want to have his children – simultaneously, of course! – but they haven’t figured out how to pull it off (a pair of twins from Michigan managed to do something similar). One of the sisters said about the plan:

Our mom is actually convincing us to go naturally, give birth naturally, so I don’t know how that’s going to work [because] we need to be pregnant at the same time.


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They will have some explaining to do to their future children! Anyway, whatever works for them.

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