Mom Of Triplets Who Mesmerized The World With Her Huge Belly Shares A Candid Picture Of Her Postpartum Body

Date October 23, 2018

Maria Jorstad, a mom from Norway, her Danish husband Anders, and their 2-year-old son Mikael were ready to welcome an addition to the family. Little did they know that they were in for a surprise of their lives.


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Maria’s unexpected, but joyful, journey

In May, Maria had her 13-week ultrasound. The test revealed she was pregnant with triplets! It was a complete shock to her and her family. They started to prepare for the arrival of three babies.

Maria decided to document her journey on Instagram and became a sensation. Her following expanded quickly as she shared pictures of her belly that grew by the day!


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On September 12, Maria gave birth to two girls, Iben and Agnes, and a boy, Filip. They were delivered via C-section. The babies spent 9 days in the NICU and now, they are home with their family.


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Maria's post-pregnancy anxiety

Needless to say, pregnancy changes a woman’s body, especially if she’s carrying multiples. The mom-of-four has been quite candid about it: She shared pictures of her postpartum body taken 1 week and 4 weeks after delivery.


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In her post, the mom admitted she felt a little anxious about her body, but her supportive followers wrote encouraging comments to reassure her that she’d be fine. Here’s what some of them wrote:

You are beautiful in any shape or form. You’re such an amazing human being that has brought three angles to this world😍😘 you’ll get to your old body in no time, time flies!

hanging there, it takes time you can do it. Been there too, and i do lot exercise especially sit up after the girls almost 10months i start go gym

You are beautiful. You have done a truly amazing thing, don't be hard on yourself! ♥️

Don’t beat yourself up, I still looked fully pregnant after my triplets , so much so when people saw me out without the babies as they were still in hospital I got asked when I was due on more than one occasion. Don’t rush it , the skin and muscles need it to be a slow progression. I for one think you look great

You’re an amazing woman! Your body is beautiful for it brought 3 beautiful babies into this world. You don’t have any stretch marks which is remarkable after carrying triplets.


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Oh, the marvel of a woman’s body! It’s so amazing precisely because of its resilience, and if it has a way to accommodate three babies (or even more), it also has a way to recover. We wish Maria a fast, seamless recovery and a happy journey with her triplets, husband Anders, and son Mikael.

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