Mom Warns Other Parents After Her Baby Son Almost Choked To Death On Common Baby Product Twice In Two Months

Date September 20, 2018

A baby almost choked to death on a pacifier

Giving your baby a pacifier seems to be a simple and safe way to comfort him or her. How can it go wrong? One mom from North Carolina learned firsthand that these baby products aren’t always 100% safe when her baby almost choked to death on a broken pacifier. What’s more, it happened twice, not once!

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Kacie McFadden gave her 2-month-old son Ryder a pacifier. She heard gurgling sounds from the room he was in and rushed to check on him. The nipple of the pacifier had broken off and Ryder was choking on it.

Fortunately, Kacie managed to get the nipple out. She told ABC11 WDTV:

I did the Heimlich and it finally came out. It really could have killed him if I had not checked on him.

When the mom contacted the manufacturer, the company apologized and sent her new pacifiers. Two months later, the same situation happened again: the nipple of Ryder’s new pacifier broke off and got stuck in his throat, according to his mom.

Kacie was infuriated. She took to Facebook and posted a video in which she recounts her experience.

Other moms wrote supportive comments, here are some of them:

The company responded with an apology, promised to investigate, and asked Kacie to send the damaged pacifier to them for inspection.

When asked for comment by ABC11 WDTV, the company responded in detail, saying similar cases happened due to wear and tear caused by prolonged use of the pacifiers.

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A few tips for using pacifiers safely

The journal Paediatrics & Child Health has the following tips for parents who give pacifiers to their babies:

1. Before using a pacifier for the first time, sterilize it by putting it in boiling water for 5 minutes. Wash it with soap and hot water after each use to keep it clean.

2. Check the pacifier for damage before each use. If there are any cracks or signs of wear and tear, discard the pacifier. Do a pull test before each use of the pacifier to make sure the nipple is firmly attached to the base.

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3. To protect your baby’s teeth, don’t dip the pacifier in sugar or honey.

4. Never tie a pacifier around your baby’s neck, as it may lead to strangulation.

5. Never use homemade pacifiers.

6. Never let your baby or child chew on a pacifier, as he or she may chew through it and choke on the nipple.

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Follow these simple tips to keep your baby safe!

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