Where Are The Mathias 'Laughing Quads' Now? The Girls Are All Grown Up, And They Still Bring Smiles To People's Facess

Date September 14, 2018 14:11

Remember how we watched funny videos before YouTube came into being? ABC's America’s Funniest Home Videos had millions of viewers laughing their pants off! By the way, the show is still on air.

There was one particular video that melted everyone’s hearts back in 2001. In the video, identical quadruplet babies are lying on their mom, laughing uncontrollably and contagiously. Watching this clip, you can’t help but laugh with these adorable babies!

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Here’s a brief backstory: the 'laughing quads' were born on February 16, 2000, at 28 weeks. Such births are extremely rare – not because they are multiples, but because their mom had no history of fertility treatment.

The video became so popular that America's Funniest Home Videos named it the 'Funniest Video of All-Time', rewarding the Mathias family with $250,000 and nation-wide fame.

Where is this family now?

The girls – Anna, Grace, Emily, and Marie Claire – are all grown up, and their parents, Allison and Steve Mathias, couldn’t be more proud of them.


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Being identical quadruplets, the girls look the same in that timeless video. Now that they are in their late teens, you can see how different they really are. Each of them has her unique character, style, and interests.


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Grace said on The Oprah Winfrey Show:

We’re similar and different to each other just by the things we’re interested in. Like, Mary Claire and Emily...They enjoy doing digital art on their computer. And Anna enjoys orchestra a lot. And I enjoy photography.

By the way, the girls still smile and laugh a lot!


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The Mathias quads grew up in Lexington, South Carolina, and they graduated from River Bluff High School this year.


We did it! 🎉💚

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Time goes by so fast! We wish girls best of luck and a lot of smiles on their exciting journey into adulthood.

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